Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We believe shares are part ownership in useful productive assets and hence shares of productive companies are one of the best investments available. We perceive stock market as a mad man to be taken advantage of. So we buy shares when people in share market are pessimistic and offer shares at cheap prices, and selectively sell shares when they are irrationally exuberant. 

Core Objectives

We design our investment strategy to meet the following twin objective:


  • Try and beat the returns of the stock market index
  • Try to minimize chances of permanent capital loss

We have the following fundamental tenets for making investments: 

Ignore market movements and instead focus on quality & worth of business.

Do not invest till we have convinced ourselves that the investment is going to make profit.

Invest big when we find a good business trading at low prices

Risks & Disclaimers

  1. Investments in stocks is subject to market risks and there is no guarantee against loss.

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