• We Watch Your Nest Eggs

  • Balancing Risk and Returns

About Us

Eklavya Capital is a SEBI-registered portfolio manager founded by an IIT/IIM alumnus with decades of experience in investment. We grow and protect our client’s nest eggs against unforeseen risks. We do this by following a “business owner” philosophy to become part owners in companies with stable long-term growth prospects.

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service is a hassle-free service where the portfolio manager invests in stocks, fixed income, debt, and other securities to meet your financial goals and risk appetite. It has the unique advantage of not being constrained by sector or company size (small cap, mid cap, etc.). Instead, the portfolio manager is free to buy the most attractive stock available without any constraints. Further, it is not a “one-size-fits-all” product and is tailored to your specific needs.