Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We believe our client’s money should be handled exactly as hard-earned money should be handled, with a lot of care. We understand one-time mishaps can undo years of outperformance, and we are vigilant against exposing our clients to such risks. At the same time, we are focused on generating above-par returns by taking part ownership in excellent business. We call it investing with a “business-owner” mindset.

We like to be part-owners in companies with stable fundamentals and good long-term growth potential when they are available at reasonable prices. Once we buy shares of those companies, we intend to keep owning them for a very long time. We believe owning such companies is like owning a piece of land or a gold cube that keeps increasing in size every year.

We view publicly traded shares as a means to become part-owners of these great companies and not something to speculate upon. At the same time, we perceive the stock market as a madman to be taken advantage of. So we buy shares when people in the share market are pessimistic and offer shares at reasonable prices, and selectively sell shares when they are irrationally exuberant. At times when we are not able to find such companies at reasonable prices, we selectively invest in situations that may yield a good profit over a short-term horizon.

We do not know where the stock market or the economy will go over the next few months, and we do not speculate on those factors. However, we are sure both will perform exceptionally well over the longer term.

Core Objectives

We design our investment strategy to meet the following twin objective:


  • Generate above-par returns over a long term

  • Minimize chances of permanent capital loss


It is ideally suited for clients who want to beat inflation and, at the same time, want to minimize the chances of uncertain risks making a big dent in their savings.


“Win big if things go well, don’t lose much if things go bad.”


We have the following fundamental tenets for making investments: 

Ignore market movements and instead focus on quality & worth of business.

Do not invest till we have convinced ourselves that the investment is going to make profit.

Invest big when we find a good business trading at a reasonable price

Risks & Disclaimers

  1. Investments in stocks is subject to market risks and there is no guarantee against loss.

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